bug fix + dialogue update!

FINALLY, a month after the yuri jam, the game now has:

  • simple sprite animations (left is old build, right is updated build)


spot the difference
answer: subtle boob touch that took way longer than it should have to implement

Screencap 2

  • quick minigame instructions (left is old build, right is updated build)

Typing minigame update

Other than the dialogue loop bug fix, this is probably THE MOST important update. Apparently some people didn't know they were supposed to type right then and there and thought the demo stopped at that point.

to you guys, I extend MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES oTL
I hope you consider playing the prologue again though!

  • a fix for the dialogue loop bug
  • better dialogue for the scene with Rosca
  • narrative fix for the last scene with Nic (it makes more sense now, i swear)
    • if it does not, feel free to chase me with a pitchfork and an angry mob

Enjoy! :)


deliverance-osx.zip 158 MB
Version 2 Nov 26, 2017
deliverance-windows-and-linux-beta.zip 174 MB
Version 2 Nov 26, 2017

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