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Rosca. Leola. Nic. Oberon.

Four blind shadows chasing down the light the only way they know how. In the end, there's only damnation or deliverance.

Then again, maybe they're the same damn thing.

Demo available. Currently in development by the Team.

The Team:
Crouching Bacon
Scriptwriter + Game Designer + Video Edits

Sprite + BG Artist



Tobin Reece
Sound Hound

CG Artist

Main Menu Artist


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deliverance-windows-and-linux-beta.zip 224 MB
deliverance-osx.zip 209 MB


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Film Noir, women in pinstripes and some really cool immersive features... well I can't say no to that.

Once I got figured out the typing minigame I was really disappointed that there wasn't more. Can't wait to see where the story goes. It's set in my kind of city and there is nothing I love more than an interesting setting.
Really immersive and great use of multimedia. Can't wait to see what you guys do with this now that you've been released from the pressures of a deadline and can do all the cool things you seem to have planned for this. xxx

The demo made me want to play more :o

The writing style was a perfect match for the characters and everything flowed naturally. I also loved the dark atmosphere that was created as well as the original "eye" concept.

I think the music can be improved upon, but other than that, good job!

Rating: 3.5/5 I wasn't a fan of the music/art style, there were a few typos, and the typing system could have benefited from a tutorial/clearer prompt. That having been said I liked the concept and the characters, the typing system was a cool touch I haven't seen in other visual novels, and by the end of the demo I was curious about Leola's past, her relationships with Nic and Rosca, and Rosca's brother. Overall, I enjoyed playing it and once a few things are fixed/modified I think this would make for a wonderful visual novel.