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Rosca. Leola. Nic. Oberon.

Four blind shadows chasing down the light the only way they know how. In the end, there's only damnation or deliverance.

Then again, maybe they're the same damn thing.

Prologue available. Full game currently in development by the team.

Tell us what you think (here's a quick survey link)! We'd love to hear from you shady kids. While the game is free, we appreciate donations made to fund the dev team and make this game the best it can be.


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deliverance-windows-and-linux-beta.zip 174 MB
Version 3
deliverance-osx.zip 158 MB
Version 3

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I remember playing this a while back and gushing over the art. How's it going?

Hey TofuTrash, thanks for playing and taking the time to drop by.
Unfortunately, I've lost contact with the artist and this game is essentially in development hell.

I still want to work on it, but there might be a lot of changes.

That's unfortunate. I hope things work out!

It sure is :')
Thanks anyway.

Is this a Visual Novel?


Yes, it is.


Okay, thanks


Hi, I recently finished the game, it was fun, the artsyle is cool, the gameplay is uniqe, the story is intense, I'm looking forward for the full version ^^


Thanks for playing! :) We're stoked to hear you enjoyed it.

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Well... The game is very good.

Very great art style based black, white and gray. Plus every character has his/her own extra color. Characters with their own personalities and styles. And very "noir" style.

Plot seems to be interesting :) A bit based on choices. But I don't like spelling system/mini-game in current form. Sometimes it's not enough time to finish it. You could double amount of time for every sentence . 

I can't wait to see the rest of story. :)

Thanks for playing! We're happy to hear you enjoyed the prologue so far.

It's great to hear that you enjoyed the art style, our artists worked hard to get the aesthetic across! We're staying true to the bleak noir vibe, but also adding that little pop to keep things current. We might add more GUI tweaks for the full game, let's see! :)

As for plot, this is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, heh. The actual game will have different content from the prologue so you can look forward to that. This is more of an intro to the characters, the setting and their relationships. actually, the prologue should be getting an update in a few weeks or so, since the dude hasn 't been introduced properly yet  oTL

Thanks for your comments on the typing minigame. We're tweaking the mechanic, and thinking of adding an option to skip it if the player is looking for a more traditional VN experience. If there's anything else you'd like to see in-game, now would be a great time to tell us since we're still in dev o>


Loved the art style, can't wait to play the full game!

WHOA Thanks for making an LP! :D
It was pretty fun to watch too ^^ half-expected you to use a terminator voice for Leola, lol
We're real happy to hear that you enjoyed the game and the art!

Watch this spot, you guys.
Delivering deliverance, come 2018 (hopefully November lol)!


So far, it looks very promising. I love the typing element its a really cool concept. The art style and the music were also pretty lovely. I'm exited for the finished project and can't wait to see how it turns out. Sorry for not being able to leave any critique. I wasn't really able to find anything but I guess that's more of a good thing.

Thanks for playing. We're glad you enjoyed the minigame!
Yep, we're working with a talented team, and we're working our hardest to make this game the best it can be :)
Still working on improvements, so feel free to give us more feedback while in development!


Interesting story and cool concept. Really liking the style. Looking forward to playing the rest of this game, glad I gave it a chance. Just so you know though seeing a guy on the cover kind of confused me a bit, haha.

Thanks for playing!
Watch this spot o> We'll bring this baby to you, come 2018 (hopefully November lol)

Yeah, haha, that guy is Rosca's brother ^^


Cool concept, cool characters, well-written dialogue and a setting that promises to provide an interesting story. 

My only nitpick is that the appearance of some of the characters' mouths looked a bit strange to me. Yeah, just the mouths, and yeah that's all I've got for critique - and it's just part of the art style. 

Everything flowed naturally and the characters all seemed very genuine, fitting noir tropes but still feeling completely unique and three dimensional. I'm certainly itching to see more of what you guys have in store. 

We're really happy to hear that you enjoyed ^^ Thanks for playing! Sure, no worries, the style's subject to taste, but we'll take those thoughts in mind o>

We hope that the full game lives up to the anticipation, ey!


Film Noir, women in pinstripes and some really cool immersive features... well I can't say no to that.

Once I got figured out the typing minigame I was really disappointed that there wasn't more. Can't wait to see where the story goes. It's set in my kind of city and there is nothing I love more than an interesting setting.
Really immersive and great use of multimedia. Can't wait to see what you guys do with this now that you've been released from the pressures of a deadline and can do all the cool things you seem to have planned for this. xxx

Damn, film noir is life. Amen, ey ^^ Thanks for giving the game a spin :D

We've recently uploaded a bug and dialogue fix! Excited to see where this story takes us, and we do hope you'll try it out once it's done o>


The demo made me want to play more :o

The writing style was a perfect match for the characters and everything flowed naturally. I also loved the dark atmosphere that was created as well as the original "eye" concept.

I think the music can be improved upon, but other than that, good job!

Awesome, we hope you give the full game a spin once it's out o> Thanks for playing!

Rating: 3.5/5 I wasn't a fan of the music/art style, there were a few typos, and the typing system could have benefited from a tutorial/clearer prompt. That having been said I liked the concept and the characters, the typing system was a cool touch I haven't seen in other visual novels, and by the end of the demo I was curious about Leola's past, her relationships with Nic and Rosca, and Rosca's brother. Overall, I enjoyed playing it and once a few things are fixed/modified I think this would make for a wonderful visual novel.

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Thanks for your comments! We've put up a bug fix and added some animations. Music and art styles are subject to taste, but we're happy that you still gave it a try. We plan to tweak stuff here and there in the coming months, so stay tuned, ey ^^